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In 2010, J.O. Read was born as an accounting and strategic marketing firm. Within two years J.O. Read grew to be very a successful firm billing a few million dollars, serving clients such as Bacardi, USA; William Grant & Son’s, AT&T, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island and, Chirocare to name a few. What made J.O. Read successful was the understanding of accounting data and combining marketing and strategic research to create meaningful profit driven campaigns. J.O. Read coined the term “Community Based Relationship Marketing,” what is often referred today as a CBRM campaign. 

In 2015, JJ.O. Read has committed itself to educating entrepreneurs and business executives in the art of strategic thinking and planning for the betterment of their respective organization.  

Chief Advisor 

J. Anthony Vargas

I realized before I started J.O. Read that there’s a billion-other people in this world who do what I do. What I do isn’t the magic. The real magic comes from a combination of why I do it, for who I do it, and how I do it.  What + Who + Why + How = Awesome!

Finding people, you trust to help you run your business is paramount. But you can’t do everything. And like me, I know I've tried. We’re small-business owners, a brand of superheroes of our own class. But when you do everything for so long, you’re bound to break. We can’t all afford it when first starting out but remind yourself that J.O. Read is here to help you lighten the load and run leaner and meaner than you’ve ever run.

Growth is the goal, right? More revenue, more sales, bigger and better customers. But what happens when the volume we crave comes along and we haven’t built a business that can support it? When making decisions to scale, always ask, “Do we have the infrastructure to support this move, and if not, ask us how we can create it?” I feel that less full speed ahead and more full attention to the most important business meal of the day—it will fuel and support everything you do as the day (and years) go on.


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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
— Collin Powell